Sigma Gymnastics

Sigma Gymnastics

What:  Sigma Gymnastics (∑G)

Where:  Travis County Strength

When:  Every Tuesday at 5:30pm beginning January 6, 2015

Who:  The first 6 POWERHOUSE athletes to grab their spot!


•••••>This will be your time away from the whiteboard.

We will dive into strength from core to extremity, from foundational progressions to more advanced, as well as work on strength around joints all by utilizing our own bodyweight.  While we will be efficient, we will move for quality and not for time.  We will maintain integrity of movement and be intentional in our approach and execution.  We will train our bodies front, back and side to side.  Sure, we will train for specific strength and skill goals, however, we will keep in mind we are training for long term, high level capability.  This in turn will translate into all other aspects of our life!

The aim of proper mechanics and disciplined strength takes heart, vision, dedication and patience!  This is a mental commitment as much as a physical one and I am here to help ease your journey.

Six athletes is the  magic number for the first Sigma Gymnastics Class because I understand each person will be at differing levels of advancement for each given movement and I want to be able to offer individualized progressions to meet you where you are.  Therefore, we will all be working at our own pace and ability and we will still benefit from the support of a group after a common goal.

If you have questions contact me under the “contact” tab of this blog!  Sigma Gymnastics is coed and open to any and everyone whether inside or outside of Travis County Strength!  Here is the link to get your spot•••••>Let’s Go!