Live Elevated

Live Elevated

There was a time, for me, when fitness was mostly about maintaining a certain level of vanity. Let’s be real…that is still a motivator to get my butt in the gym and stay at it. Matter of fact, I am sure vanity is a top 5 reason for most everyone you see working out. If they say it’s not…call BS.

Looking at my main motivations for training now, I realize improved body composition is great AND yet, there is so much more happening.

You have to love how values, priorities and the such transform over time. You must keep an eye on these things!

Health and fitness is a high priority of mine and therefore I greatly value my workout regimen. Beyond keeping me in good physical condition I am driven by what training does for my mind, my emotional state and my confidence!

With each session, I can see how my mind sharpens, how I increase my mind/body connection, how my mood lightens and more. By gaining in strength, proprioception and movement ability I feel more confident in what I am capable of throughout the rest of my life. I make it a point to include some play and exploration during workouts as well to keep learning and creativity in the loop too!

As for life outside of the gym, I love to travel, read, bike/hike/explore, be present with my wife and and more. You can see how each of the benefits I identified from training, beyond vanity link and enliven each of these other high priorities I hold.

Based on my own experience and that of training numerous clients, I can tell you training for vanity alone will only get you so far. What will you do when you hit that weight or body fat goal? What will you do if you don’t? Let all your progress fade away? Give in and give up??

I have an alternative for you.

Identify YOUR highest values in life. Unsure what they are? Look at your day-to-day actions…they rarely lie. What do you enjoy doing? What inspires you? What do you find meaningful and fulfilling?

Once you have a list of top values, examine how commitment to your health and fitness links to each of those priorities. How does improved fitness serve you and your life? How does it make you more vibrant in each of your top values and other aspirations.

In this way, you will ALWAYS have a purpose in the gym!

If you get stumped in finding the connections between your life values and your health/fitness – contact me and we can chat it out together!

Live Elevated