Everything Is A Skill

Everything Is A Skill

How do we improve?  How do we get better at something, at anything?

We observe.  We study.  We implement and practice.  We consult with others more advanced in the skill than we are.  We rummage through stages of trial and error…(often many, many stages of trail and error).  We then tweak and re-tweak until we arrive at a version best suited for us, our specific dimensions, mindsets, biology, and every other minute detail that make each of us unique.  Due to these minute details our skill apprehension is in turn unique.  Hence, there is rarely, if ever a “one size fits all” protocol.  And even if there is such a protocol it is sure to “fit” us all differently.  Now, once we have done all of that, the good news is, to continue to improve we must continue this process indefinitely!

Make Yourself

What is that one thing in your life you have been wanting to see improvement with?  It can be an entire area of life or something very specific.  It can be grandiose or it can be as simple as making flossing everyday automatic in your routine.  There is always  something, often a lot of somethings.  Choose one.  Let’s take nutrition for example or better yet living a healthy life in general!

Get this, living a healthy lifestyle is a skill!  Often you hear people make comments such as “Oh, (insert name here), is so healthy.  I wish I could do that.”  YOU CAN!  Whatever it is, you can!  People who display attributes you aspire to have did not wake up like that.  They followed a set of steps which have led them to where they are today.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a skill you develop just like anything else.  You begin small and work progression steps, continuing to mold and modify until one day you look up and you have arrived!  Quick spoiler alert:  wherever that “arrived” place is for you…often seems to never be good enough once you’re there.  There is always more ground to gain, more weight to lift, greener veggies to eat and beyond.  However, I will say there is a powerful sense of momentum, integrity and accomplishment generated in being in line with your goals and values and this will continue to propel you!

The ultimate question comes down to your purpose.  Why do you do what you do?  Why do you value or choose some things over others?  Are you taking the easy way out or are you choosing the grind to higher ground?  Whatever it is you choose, there is always a payoff of some sort.  Sometimes the payoff is allowing ourselves to be victim and not take responsibility.  On the flip side, the payoff could be a vibrant, healthy life full of vigor, vitality and the triumph of progress.

I urge you to choose the path of greater reward.  The path that will lead you to a life more fulfilled, more victorious and more authentically YOU!  It is a path of continuous discovery and adaptation no doubt.  It is a path where often the fruits of your efforts go unseen at times and your progress seems to all be taking place beneath the surface.  The path is not linear either.  It winds forwards, backwards, up, down, round and round.  There are stretches where you climb, parts where you will fall,  stretches where you must walk and go with the flow and stretches where you must crawl.  Who cares!  It is the path to where you want to go.  So hop on and get there!

Day by day