The FIT•ology is a lifestyle.  It’s the caliber of lifestyle where you know you are taking positive actions in your life and when those actions become habits, you know you are creating a better you…indefinitely!  With the FIT•ology you study YOU 360º; your health and fitness, your mentality, goals, stress and more.  Our aim is transformation.  The kind of transformation where things will never be the same again.  There are key habits in life in which when created have an impact on every other area of your life from business to relationships and beyond.  Your health and fitness is the biggest of such key habits and the FIT•ology wants to help you plant your fit flag.

The FIT•ology is open to working with individuals and small groups with the only stipulation being YOU must be willing to work too.  And by work, I don’t simply mean when we are eye to eye putting grit into a training session, yet most importantly when we are not.  This is not just about working out.  Nor is it just about your mental game.  This is about your constant evolution into the best version of you.  Matter of fact, our bodies are forever in the ebb and flow of change, working to regulate our internal and external environments in order to create stability.  This is the balance the FIT•ology seeks to facilitate and capitalize on.  The FIT•ology is about intentionally establishing this thriving, healthy state in yourself so you are confident and proficient in adapting and tackling life’s adventures.  When you are at your optimal health, life will flourish.