Nyki is a five year veteran of helping people transform their lives through health, fitness, nutrition and positive mindsets.  Nyki is the creator of The Fit•ology where she trains 1-on-1 clients as well as small groups.  She also coaches at Travis County Strength with the LIFT for Women program.  You can find her serving up media posts of all kinds at [thefitology.com] a blog committed to creating more of the good stuff, the health and fitness stuff, life and fun stuff.  The gradual journey to building our best selves can be found there as well as on her other social platforms at Facebook (personal) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

Nyki is highly committed to the continued expansion of her knowledge and skills.  She is currently certified in Level 1 Crossfit, Kettlebell, Strongman, Gymnastics, Underground Strength and has attended Tony Robbins, Dani Johnson and Landmark Education among others.  She has a BS in Biology, a minor in Exercise and Sports Science and is a Cooper Institute certified Personal Trainer.  Nyki has a passion for bodyweight training, enjoys strength and conditioning as well as athletic and sports performance, so you can count on a variety of workout tactics when training with her.

Nyki competed in the 2010 Crossfit Regional Games and has since turned her pursuit to driving others training goals, creating a powerful life with anyone who wants to jump on board and indulging in the good times.