For most of us this hits close to home if not smack dab center bullseye.  I am talking about the enemy part here.  Have you ever vowed to consciously work on altering this pitiful fact?

What if you did?  How would your thoughts change?  What would they sound like?  How would your world perspective shift and what would be the impact on your life trajectory?  My guess is pretty damn stellar.

Here is one captain obvious tip:  We are all going somewhere, doing something and measuring ourselves along the way.  However, it seems to have become natural protocol to use this “measurement” more for comparison and judgement than simple feedback.  Check yourself when you realize this happening.  When you notice yourself comparing your progress to that of others and/or judging your status as not good enough, lame or whatever your go-to self ridicule is…just STOP.

Instead, enlist your inner guidance coach to remind you these feedback loops are tools.  You have produced a result and that result is cueing you in on the direction you are heading.  Like it?  Awesome, keep doing what you are doing.  Not what you had in mind?  Great, now we know to make some changes.

Get on your own team and be the MVP.

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