Arnold Is Watching You

Arnold Is Watching You September 10, 2014Leave a comment

Choice.  Every second of every day you make choices.  Matter of fact the number of choices you make every day totals in the thousands!  How many of these are conscious versus unconscious?  Eh…who knows?

What I do know is those tough choices you are faced with, the ones you avoid.  You know, the ones you absolutely do not want to do and yet, when left unchosen plague your day, waste your mind space and absolutely sabotage any other positive thing that happens simply because this one other thing did not get done…those are the keys to your success.

This automatic level of discomfort that sets in when you even begin to think about that lingering choice can be used as your compass.  Wherever you feel discomfort is where you must lean in.  Charge at the discomfort, conquer it and relish in the temporary peace of mind that results from having squashed that choice you chose that you really didn’t want to choose.  You won that battle!  You won the day!


Now, with that being said, there will be days where the resistance, the discomfort will win.  That is okay.  We will live to fight another day.  The goal is to tally more victories in your W column in the long haul.  On these days, where you didn’t tackle your one thing, your high discomfort task, look for the battles you did win.  Look for and acknowledge the actions you did take to dig your positive habit grooves even deeper.  The human psyche loves rewards.  It loves pleasure, so give yourself some kudos for trumping those tasks.  Wether it is a mental high five to yourself, some quality time with a book, a hot healthy dinner, or even an afternoon nap.  When you intentionally reward yourself for a good deed done you reinforce that action.  Do this daily!

Train your mind.

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