Are You Ready!?

Are You Ready!? December 4, 20142 Comments


There is a new opportunity in town to take your training and body development to another level!  Sigma Gymnastics will be opening at Travis County Strength to the first 6 athletes interested come this January 2015!


What existed as the premiere form of strength training before all the iron and innovative products hit the scene was straight up bodyweight strength.  To develop supreme bodyweight strength is to develop ultimate brawn and vitality, grip, stamina, tendon and joint strength, balance, coordination, inhuman discipline and grit as well as control.

Using Mother Nature’s perfect level of resistance, our own bodyweight, we will progressively apply principles to become stronger by manipulating positions and adjusting leverage points.  There is no individual who is either too weak nor too strong to begin this program and that is the beauty.  Where ever you are in your training there is progress to be made with this program!


You will find more details in the following weeks here, on this website, as well as

Let’s PLAY!


  1. I’m interested! Let me know more about your Sigma Gymnastic class. What type of movements? How many classes in a session? What is the day and time of classes? Is it an hour long? Price? etc.

    Wanda Hibbs

    1. Hi Wanda!

      Kicking off, Sigma Gymnastics will run 2x/week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30p-6:30p. Therefore, there will be 8 sessions/month.

      The course will focus on strict bodyweight movements primarily as well as auxiliary work with the core, wrists, et cetera. This will be your time away from the whiteboard to really dial in on your own progressions and quality of movement through bodyweight strength. I do not foresee there being any workouts for time. I am only taking on 6 athletes at the start to really see how to best structure the program as I want to do my best to personalize it for each individual. This means, while the workout will be programmed, each athlete may be working different exercises, reps and sets for the targeted muscle group/movement depending on their advancement. I will also be adding in unilateral/single limb work to best stabilize the hips and balance the body. Eventually we will also mix in some explosive and agility training…this may be a month or a few down the road however.

      I hope this helped answer some of your questions! Please let me know if any others come up for you!

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