100 Day Challenge


Several years ago I began sporadic 100 day challenges and they have been transformational in how I pursue life, in the way I ingrain desirable traits into my daily routine and how I train my mindset towards confidence in my abilities.  No matter the subject or scope of the challenge I always learn something more and develop in some way beyond the mere degree of the challenge itself.

One of the first challenges I ever took on was to quit drinking alcohol and if you knew me at the time you might have suspected I was kidding myself.  Even more, this challenge began as a 30 or 60 day venture.  I don’t entirely recall the initial commitment.  What I do recall is at the end of the allotted time, I knew I needed more.  I knew there was more to be gained and now 5.5 years later without a drip of alcohol I can attest my life has never been the same since.  I chose to give up alcohol as I had just quit my corporate job, was going into another career and knew living life the way I was would certainly hinder me in the transition.  What I did not expect was the change in my being that followed.  I began to notice, without alcohol, there was a certain discomfort in my own skin.  I began to realize I did not know the true, authentic, me.  I wondered why this was, how could this be and what this meant.  In all honesty, everyday without alcohol feels like a building block.  I continue to learn me and manifest the freedom of body and mind I so desire.

This is a more extreme version of what a 100 day challenge can do and not all challenges continue past the 100 days.  The choice is yours.  Every challenge has, however, added to my life in a positive way!

Most recently I completed 100 days of walking my dogs!  The handsome guy below, Ezekiel Mays (Zeke for short) loved it!!  Although our 100 days are up, walking him more consistently is now a staple.



I am geared to begin a new challenge and while I have not finalized the precise action(s) I am choosing to undertake, I do know it will grow me!  I am also considering taking on more than one this time around.

If you are curious in hearing more on this life expanding protocol and/or want to get in on the action contact me and let’s rock this together!  There is magic in group accountability!


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